Help Make New York City 
a sanctuary for all

 regardless of race, class, age, or other identity
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Imagine a city that can respond and support the needs 
of our most vulnerable communities.

Your gift helps Faith In New York make the beloved city possible.

Faith In New York Partners with you to:

Develop grassroots leaders and equip congregations to influence significant public policy change.
Bring together a multi-faith, multi-issue, multi-neighborhood base of members representing what the beloved city looks like.
Mobilize a citywide network of over 70 congregations representing over 80,000 residents of New York City to create change.
Engage thousands of faith and community members every year through personal conversations, training, and research meetings.

This helps us to identify the priorities of the community and engage hundreds in seeking innovative solutions to New York City's most pressing challenges.

Our Process

The social justice ministry teams that we develop and/or support receive training from our staff organizers.

We work together to go through the cycle of 

1) listening, 

2) researching, 

3) acting, and 

4) evaluating their campaigns 

in order to better learn together, understand power, undermine systemic violence and oppression, and create change.

Our Areas of Work

Civic Engagement

One part of making real change is ensuring that our voices are heard. That’s why it’s so critical that we vote and hold our elected officials accountable.

Faith in New York has been working to turn voters out, help people across the city register to vote and apply for absentee ballots, and assist faith leaders in mobilizing their communities.
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Economic Dignity

Faith in New York’s Campaign for Economic Dignity unites people of faith across New York City to fight for affordable housing, living wages, and dignified neighborhoods for all. In a city home to bastions of wealth like Wall Street and the Real Estate industry, we organize people power in response to unprecedented organized money.
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Immigrant Justice (LA RED Campaign)

Our campaign for immigrant justice engages immigrant and non-immigrant faith and community leaders in creating a community environment in New York that reduces social, political, and economic (i.e. wages, housing) exclusion based on experiences of migration and promotes a higher quality of life (i.e. representation and access to services) while respecting and celebrating the cultural, economic, educational, and religious contributions from immigrants in our city, state and nation. We are a part of Faith in Action's national LA RED Campaign.
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Restorative Justice 
(Live Free Campaign)

The Live Free Campaign is a national Faith in Action campaign committed to dismantling the mass-criminalization of people of color by mobilizing the faith community to action using the voices of those closest to the pain in order to build communities where all of God’s children can live free.
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Let's make the beloved city a reality.

Get Equipped to Create Change

Cultivate organizing and advocacy skills to help you 
create safer and better cared for communities.

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Invest to Build the Beloved City

You imagine a city that responds to the needs of our most vulnerable communities.

We want to partner with you to help build such a city through advocacy and mutual aid.
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