we equip and help  you create change 
in your Community

Put your faith into practice 
through community organizing
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Cultivate organizing and advocacy skills to help you 
create safer and better cared for communities.

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Invest to Build the Beloved City

You imagine a city that responds to the needs of our most vulnerable communities.

We want to partner with you to help build such a city through advocacy and mutual aid.
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Creating change in your 
community can seem impossible

It can feel lonely

You ask yourself, "Am I the only one who desires to engage in activism?" You know it's not true, but it feels that way.

You don't know how to start

You want to make a difference in your community but you don't know what your next step should be to put your faith into practice.

What your fighting against seems overwelming

You don't need to watch the news to see the great need for justice in our city. You live it each and every day as you walk your neighborhood.

Your lack of resources makes you feel stagnant

You have the drive and passion to create change but find yourself growing tired at times because of your limits.
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YOU have the power to create change.

Let us help.

Join a community of justice seekers and develop the skills you need to help you bring about change in your city.
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I Am Faith In 
New York

membership provides you with access to:


Gain advocacy skills through on demand classes and live workshops.


Build collaborative relationships with 
interfaith colleagues. 


Join together with other houses of worship in a citywide coalition to advance your community goals. 

Connect with clergy and lay leaders nationwide through our connection with Faith in Action Network, the largest and oldest faith-based, social justice organizing federations in the country.


Learn about opportunities to support your congregants with information and mutual aid.

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